National Colonial Farm,  Accokeek,  Maryland   

George Washington's mansion at Mount Vernon is majestic mainly for one reason.  As a real estate person would put it - location location location.  When you're at Mount Vernon which George Washington named "Mansion Farm" you are taken in by the design and landscaping of the property and you know you're on the Virginia side of the Potomac River.
Split Rail Fence

To fully appreciate the significance of Mount Vernon one should travel to The National Colonial Farm in Accokeek, Maryland which is located directly across the Potomac.  At the farm you will find the land preserved as it was centuries ago.  Development of the surrounding area along the riverfront has been prevented thanks to private organizations.  You will see the land the same way George Washington saw it.  The view of "Mansion Farm" from this vantage point is spectacular.

On this land there still is evidence and reminders of the Tayacs and the Piscataways - civilizations of native people who were among the first documented to coexist with the colonists in the new world.

Wild Accokeek Geese
At the Colonial Farm there are dwellings, animals grazing and gardens maintained in the centuries old style.  Many protected species of wildlife inhabit the territory.  Hike along the "eco system" trail and you are surrounded by protected wetland and waterfowl.  Bring your binoculars along with your camera.  School field-trips and groups are encouraged.



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