A Walking Tour

R o o s e v e l t   I s l a n d

Roosevelt Island Reflections
When most people visit The Nations Capitol they typically go through the usual tours of the Federal City.  The White House, Capitol Hill or the museums on the mall are where tourists end up. 

Anyone who has a couple hours of extra time should check out an island in the Potomac River between Georgetown and Rosslyn, Virginia.  Roosevelt Island is named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt.  The island itself is maintained by the U.S. Park Service and is popular with joggers and hikers.

What makes it so worth the trip?  The scenery and the view of Georgetown waterfront along with Key Bridge and Rosslyn.  When you take the walking tour make sure you remember your camera as your guide David Blackwell will point out dramatic points from which to click away.

Various trails will lead to the middle of the island and you will come upon a memorial plaza and a spectacular statue of Teddy Roosevelt complete with a fountain.  Speak softly and carry a big stick!  Most likely if you return to D.C. or if you live locally in the area you'll be back.                                             

Roosevelt Island Walk    Teddy Roosevelt

David Blackwell                                                     View from Roosevelt Island      

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